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'Beautiful Isolation' Bundle (Ltd. Ed.)

This Limited Edition disc is lovingly hand-crafted and includes a picture disc, a 12-Page CD Booklet, and a mini CD containing 7 bonus tracks, all hand-wrapped and signed by the artist.

Track listing for the CD/LP:
1. Losing My Mind Through Bridge Meadow
2. The Slippery Slope To The Lost Art of Conversation
3. Beautiful Isolation
4. The Deserter
5. Open Up Your Mind & The Door
6. Multicolour Octopus Ink Nightmares
7. Seawater Fool - Firewater Fool
8. Prendegast Cherry Grove
9. Sound The Alarm, There's A Dark Sea Rising
10. Hapus A Ddaeth I Ben (Croesi Bysedd)

Bonus Tracks:
1. Arafu [KingB-Sides]
2. Becws Snowdrop
3. Diogel Fel Tai
4. I Lawr Gan Y Gronfa
5. Mae Hi Fel Cofnod Torri
6. Ffarwelio Eto
7. Materion Llwyd

From the press release:
"Hidden away for a year in his small studio, based up in the hills of rural Pembrokeshire, Chris Weeks aka Kingbastard has been hard at work.

Inspired by the natural beauty and isolation of his surroundings and drawing influence from the sepia-tinged intonation of old records from the 1920s & '30s, he has crafted his most accomplished work to date.

A concept album charting a year alone in a man's life, Beautiful Isolation is a deeply personal, yet highly accessible body of work. Whilst, in part, it deals with the darker sides of isolation, Weeks seems to positively celebrate his own descent into madness right from the off, chorally exclaiming in the first track, "I'm Losing My Mind!" a somber statement delivered with a smiling refrain."

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