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713D UP 70 M4CH1N35


"Chris Weeks returns once again as Kingbastard, with a stunning new EP that has style, melody and deft production skills in abundance, delivering a sound that's exciting, fresh and at times mind boggling; Crunchy electronics and quirky synthpop melodies are expertly woven together with glitchy flashbacks to the 80's. Comparisons have been made with contemporary artists such as: Thom Yorke, Aphex Twin, Prefuse 73 & Mouse On Mars, but his imaginative union of playful melodies, harsh electronics, live instrumentation and darkly ethereal ambience sees him looking out from a plateau all of his own."

Track listing:
1. Boombox
2. F47G4M3R
3. The Captcha
4. 4M813N7RK
5. The Secret Life of Machines
7. Say When

More from the artist:
"I've also recently released a free-to-download EP @ called Good Things Come In 3's, so why not grab yourself a copy of that and spread the word!"

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