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Giraffey, Rammy, BiPolar Bear

Life at a video game company may seem pretty sweet, what with the yachts and bikini models and getting to spend time with celebrities like C. Thomas Howell and Duke Nukem, but it's not all fun and games. In fact in can be downright depressing.

While the Newgrounds store may not be the best place to announce it, we're getting sued by lots of people over Castle Crashers. Let's be perfectly clear - the allegations of Pipsitrello and Killer Corn have no basis in fact. As for PETA's allegations, none of the animal orbs were harmed during the making of this game. And as for the barbarians, well who knew you had to pay them union wages?

Long story short, the legal fees are killing us and we need to raise money. Help us show these ingrates that their petty claims have no legal merit by buying some cellphone charms. Just the Red Knight's disgusting allegations alone are going to cost us a fortune to make them go away, so buy a lot of them.

Note: Just like a conjoined triplet, these charms can't be sold separately.

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