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Broken Saints Special Edition

From the back cover:

"In the quiet corners of the globe, four strangers receive a message. A paranoid hacker uncovers a top secret file in America. A one mercenary battles for his sanity beneath the Arabian sands. An aging priest reclaims a sacred treasure in the hills of Japan. A mysterious orphan girl falls comatose in the remote South Pacific. An then the Apocalypse begins...

Enter the haunting world of Broken Saints - the controversial and critically-acclaimed 'graphic novel' saga seen by nearly 4 million people worldwide since 2001 - where the fusion of anime style comic book text, cinematic effects, and music creates a revolution in modern storytelling. This 24-part fantasy-horror epic chronicles the harrowing quests of four troubled souls desperate to understand their frightening visions of the future. Somehow, their fate - and the fate of the world - is tied to a satellite communications network, a military implant project, and a terrifying global conspiracy. What will they give to save us all? What will they give... to know the truth?"

This 4-Disc Special Edition also comes with "Broken Saints: Selections from the Official Series Soundtrack," a compilation of songs from the series by Tobias Tinker, as well as an autographed copy of "Broken Saints: Beginnings," a 16-page mini-comic, both available for the first time since their 2006 appearance at Comic-Con International in San Diego.

Special Edition DVD features include:
* Over three hours of behind-the-scenes featurettes, press interviews, documentaries, trailers, and hilarious fan films
* French, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, and Swedish subtitles
* Extensive DVD-ROM features including original chapters, exclusive MP3s and wallpapers.

Item Total: $10.00

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