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NG Community Calendar 2009

You're a busy person with a lot of irons in the fire. How are you ever going to remember the special dates in your life? Your wedding anniversary? Or the anniversary of the first time you had sex with a horse? Or what about the anniversary of the time your wife walked in on you having sex with that horse - and then decided that instead of divorcing you she was going to tough it out because of the kids? And how will you remember when to pick up the copious amounts of medication your wife takes to block out the memory of you and said horse?

Throw away that day planner. Delete the calendar app off your iPhone. If you've been keeping track of important dates by tattooing them onto your feet, stop it! The Newgrounds calendar is the solution to all your problems.

The calendar features artwork by you, the Newgrounds community, as well as a removable poster featuring artwork by the NG staff artists. Want to know when Clock Day takes place in 2009? Check the Newgrounds calendar. Want to know when Christmas is? Check the Newgrounds calendar. Want to write things in the calendar in either pen or pencil? You can do that too. Yes, really!

In 2009, do you really want to be the only person without a Newgrounds calendar? Buy one today!

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