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Reviews for "Terminus"

Sorta sounds like a remix of a DM Dokuro track

Very mixed feelings on this track. I don't even know how I got to this page, I'll be honest. But I don't regret getting here so that's a win. This is a really good track, but you also wrote you wanted to challenge yourself. So I'm gonna be SUPER picky (because what good is stretching yourself if you're just gonna end up in the same place?).

This has an AMAZING "build-up and resolve" introduction. Yet as the track advances into full-song mode it feels like... There wasn't a very clearly defined vision for what was going on. Where the track was going, what it was meant to convey, etc. It's hard to get a real sense of destination or purpose. It feels like "Build Resolution; The Song".

Melodically speaking this track almost feels like an abstract art piece. The key changes in many places feel forced, harsh and jarring with little transition but tonally it's all very pleasant and consistent. I'm usually a sucker for a good prog switch track but we kinda go all over the place for this one. I'd say about 85% of the keyswitches I was on board with, but that other 15% (4:28 stands out. That much of a jump didn't felt "earned" or set up more smoothly with previous melodic elements or note alternatives within the arpeggios themselves.) ends up really throwing off it's own groove. By the end it feels more like an MC Escher set of stairs, an Ouroborous with no clear destination.

As an experimental track designed to test and challenge yourself I'd say this probably gained you a lot of melodic experience points. The track is a solid a 5/5 for vision and execution in my book from that perspective alone. It's a hell of a lot more palatable than the majority of my challenge/experimentation tracks! But from a structure, purpose or design standpoint it's left a lot to be desired to my ears.

If this were 2010, this track would easily compete with most of the Tron Legacy OST. Which in itself is a pretty high achievement for that time. But this is over a century later and this vibe has been chewed up and spit out by the mainstream music scene, making it very difficult to stand out among so many others like it. I know that wasn't really the goal here but the tone invites the comparison and... by the end I was left wanting. But, just like any good art piece, some people will see it and "get it", and others won't. I kinda of get it? Yet I can't help wondering if those Escher stairs could have been more clearly drawn.

amazing shit right here

I want this.

I just want it.


Beautiful, well done :D