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Reviews for "_-={Precious Seconds}=-_"

The explanation behind this song.

To the reader, and listener, I would ask you first listen to this piece on your accord before reading this review. By reading this and then listening, your own experience will be tainted, and you will imagine something I have constructed, rather then something you would create yourself.

This song embodies time, it beats to exactly 1 second per beat, try it for yourself. Press play at exactly the tick of a second, and listen to the ticking of the song while watching the ticking clock. They should synch. It is like watching time go by, and it speaks of such a story.

The ticking will never change, the sound is constant, what changes is the essense of the song that accompanies the clock. As time runs out, as plans left out become more urgent, the song becomes more choatic, more urgent and frantic.

At the end of the day however, those urgent plans, those desperate moments are lost. Time continues to click and a new generation takes it's first breath. The melody of the new generation similar, but different from the first, because though the first is gone now, their wisdom, their knowledge and experience has been passed on.

Such is life, and its constant cycle.

Fun Facts of this song:
Ticks exactly to synch with time
Is 3:33 to demonstrate the infinite loop of time and life
Took much longer then i'd like it have to be made.

I hope you enjoy!