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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

That was awesome!!!

You should make sum more movies like that. On all of these dumb shows like pokemon and beyblade and that suxy stuff.

probably knew i was going to say this

Text can't explain how freakin' funny this submission is!!!

(no further comments)

AwEsOmE ShIzzNit

Aiit DAwwg, dat was some REAL badass shiznit right dhurr. aiite, to all dose punkasses who like dat gay fagg show can kiss my big ass. yall lame punkasses talk ''ooo i want to have sex with yugay. i want to drill him good. '' - DAM, if i hear ONE more of that, i will smoke myself with a fuckin knife! aiite, to break it down, yu gi ho is a fuckin card game... its all about lil papar that has some punkass drawings on it. aiite, u punkasses can't have sex with it. u can't turn on ur fuckin GAME on CARDS. fuck, ill even shove one up ur ass if u think that. anyways, this movie kicked ass... atleast someone ain't high on sum real bad crack..

Not bad

Yu-Gi-Oh! isn't so bad. If Yugi lost a little more or something it would be good. You're right. Joey does look like a whore.


Cool flash, i liked how the characters all talked and how they constantly said "why is that" and stuff.
The best parts were when he was like Oh no i've been deafeted. No you havent because we havent dueld yet. Oh yeah. LETS DUEL!
The other best part is when he said "Shut up you asshole. You look like a whore with your yellow hair. OHH!" If some people had a sense of humor a bit more like you, Newgrounds would be a better place. Anyway overall, this movie was 1337

naz-1 responds:

No. The best part was the whole thing.