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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

It just shows how pethetic you are....

You suck, yugioh sucks, fuck you both.

That sucked

Yu-gi-oh is onr of the coolest animes. Like the other guy said your probably an immature brat who makes fun of things your too stupid to understand. You prob did watch five mins of it, then turned to rugrats to masturbate to angelica.

HAHAHAHA! i laugh at YOU because your stupid!

naz-1 responds:

What the hell is a "rugrats" and who is "angelica"? Is this a TV show? If so, you must know alot about it. I would say you are the one who ejaculates to this "angelica" character.

How does a crappy flash movie determine if one is "stupid" or not? I did not apply much effort to this movie, so all it proves is just that, I did not put all my effort into it. If you wish to see how "stupid" then this is not the way to find out.

you are a retarded fab who can barely do flash

dude get a life gosuck your mommas dick whoops, your grandamas dick fag

fuck u 4 tryin

i agree to this but the flash is crap make their mouth mmove
p.s. u got slagged by a 11 year old thats paatetic

What on Earth

I got so bored i couldn't watch it all why don't yo be original and think of something diffrent everyone does yu-gi-oh sxu stuff at least there are some decent ones out there yours was just...infact there are no words to describe what i just saw.