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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

fuck you.

everyone who likes Yu-Gi-Oh, join the Yu-Gi-Oh Crew on the BBS Forums.

naz-1 responds:

This movie is supposed to make fun of yugioh, why are you saying I like it?

God I hate these times of movies.

These are just a bunch of clips from the show that have apsulutely nothing to do with each other. This couldn't have taken to any effort at all. These movies are pointless and should be blamed.

Death comes on swift wing to the enemy of the DRAGON

I dont get it??

I dont get it? i couldnt understand what they were saying.....if you dont like something why dont you just keep it for yourself!
sheeesh...you dont have to abuse some anime that you dont like..what if someone doesnt like you and start movies about you!

wtf i swrong wiht u

they d o not do that in the show at all this was so bad i got cancer from it

this was annoying

that voice was really irritating me, but yea thats yugioh for ya-stupid idiots always saying everything they do