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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"


This was funny. I had no idea. i thought these are those kinda movies which i watch for 15 seconds before i blam thier asses off. but this was good. reminded me of Mojo Jojo...

LOL, But it was too long, make it shorter, otherwise people will get tired.


WM [:{}]

God I hate these times of movies.

These are just a bunch of clips from the show that have apsulutely nothing to do with each other. This couldn't have taken to any effort at all. These movies are pointless and should be blamed.

Death comes on swift wing to the enemy of the DRAGON

Drags on and on...

Well, I guess I can say this one was at least okay. It's easy for me to ride with a movie that at least politely makes fun of something without directly insulting its fans, whether I agree with it or not. The snapshot technique you used for the "animation" was relatively effective, even if it's been done before. Just consider writing out your dialogue a bit better in advance next time? Some of the parts seemed blatantly, and kinda poorly, ad-libbed. Not a great movie, but it got me to grin at least, so it's okay with me!

If people are saying you stole this,

its because it bears a striking resemblance to dbz in a nutshell, so if you stole anything you stole the idea. It was very long to get your point across, which I'm not sure what it is, and stop your flash when it ends, it looped around and starts over at the end. Overall it was....an attempt I guess


hey, I'm gonna agree wit you...Yu-Gi-Oh! does suck...I only play the card game though to beat the hell outta little kids...it's something to do...besides, they don't understand the concepts of a REAL game like Magic: The Gathering...thats a game...yugioh is basicly a rip-off of it...
oh, btw hatebadreviewers5655, Americans "tamper" with them cause the damn government won't let us have them like they're supposed to be...then, since it's already fucked up cause of the government, ppl who don't like it fuck it up even more...it's not the ppl's fault we can't get the normal and possibly good stuff