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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

This was great!

the movie really brings out th title, but i was wondering the voice you used, is that the same one used on DBZ in a Nutshell?



good job man

hahaha really funny movie,i really hate japanese cartoons and the influence they have upon the silly kids who watch them.


that was some damn good quality cartoon-bashing. loved every second of it! the exaggeration was awesome, and thank you for your existence. have a nice day.


A- Stole this Idea from DBZ in a Nutshell
B- Stole sceens from the televsion show
C- And last you created flash that a retarded animal baby could do better

naz-1 responds:

If you're such a good detective then what the fuck are you doing wasting your time bitching to strangers over the internet when you could be working for the FBI, ballsweat?