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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

what the hell

omfg what the hell az that piece of crap.


omg that is sooooooooooo funny no matter how many times i watch it i dont no what that other guy was on about (giving you a 0 he should burn in hell teehee) anyways good stuff.


You know, man, this inspired me to make my first submisson, but mine was blammed. What kind of dumbass would vote 0 on this submisson just because theres no animation??????!!!!!!!!!!


i like coz its funny and i've noticed yugi ain't very nice in that one coz he doesn't care bout joey so whys that???

LMAO!!!!!!!!11111!!!!!111111on e one one one!!!!!1

he keeps saying "haha i knew youd do something like that thats why blah lbah blbah"thats freakin funny

wait yugi won, but did they save the guy they dont care about?