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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

@_@ too long!

the only reason i watch this is because it had the name yugioh in it and yeah thats the only reason i bothered with it lol :P anyways it was too long and it kinda sucked sorry

One thing you should consider...

One thing you should strongly consider is at the end of your movie, put in a replay button instead of playing the video over and over in a continuous loop.

It still pretty interesting.



It was long and boring but you should still keep trying

so true

I am kinda into yugioh but my god all the things you made fun of were true! lol you rock dude XD

Funny Stuff.

Quite Funny. I never really watched YUGIOH, but i did see some episodes. This is quite funny. If you have a sense of humor and dont take your shows to heart. This is quite funny.