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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"


That was awsome. Very funny. You should definately make more


If you dont watch this movie, I, will play this, and it will kill you!

Very funny $hit

It was very funny. The only problem I had was you used some of the pics too many times , but those most likey the only ones you could find.

That is so F in Hillarious!!!

U R rigth YUGIOH does suck. That was cuel. I like how u did the clip art thing. U know ur pieces from parts of the show. THat was CuEL. Anyway make another one like: Pokemon Sux or Digimon Sux or Harry Potter Sux. U know what Im sayin. If u like the ideas pleas respond. PEACE:)

this rules

I like yugioh and i still like this it's cool. i reccomaend even fans to watch it. lol