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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"


dude that was funny. i watch yugioh but all it really do is just repeat what they say for 2 freakin hours, so u replayed it perfectly. that was funny, like i said before


funny as hell

great man

to the guy behind me ur a fuckin fagget u acually watch that stupid ass show?? ur a fuckin loser man


ok, first of all, YGO does not suck. as a rabid fangirl, i can safely say that. next, you only showed the Duelist Kingdom arc, which, you're right, did suck major monkey balls. but uh, if you're going to dis an entire anime, try watching it subtitled, and the entired series, not just one season, just a thought. ok, now to the actual comments. the voicing was ok, and mostly true, again though, about the Duelist Kingdom Arc, mostly though, that one episode. is it just me, or is that the only epi you've seen? ok, moving on, this entire thing is like a spoof of ChannelCat's ______ in a Nutshell. alright, lastly, get some new ideas, it was funny, but repetitive. anyway, keep up the good work, and if you're going to go make fun of an anime for stupidity, might i suggest hamtaro? that's right! BURN THOSE LITTLE HAMSTERS! BUT THEM TO SMITHERINES! MUA HA HA!!!


AHHHH the magic book!

Fuckin hilarious. Stupid faggy yellow haired pussy freak...so true.