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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

this is not funny!

personally, i think whoever made this movie is an ahole. he doesnt even know what the h**l hes talikng about. i want a reply from this author. iwant him to list 10 things why yugioh sux or why it doesnt, and the reasons for that. ohhh yeah, im a little sissy who watches yugioh. not. i even see 20 year olds watching the god d**n show. its anime. its shamn king. its uu hakusho. its hikaru no go. its one piece. its manga! duh! thats why people like it! manga is for people who is interested not in cartoons, but in the storyline. ohhh, yeah, even the cards sux. not. people win 5000 bucks just winning in tournaments. dont you want 5000 bucks? personally i would. so i would just call this movie "stupid" regardless of the fact that the cg and manga version is good and for everyone, not for kids just as everybody is thinking its a "stupid cartoon for little sissy kids" but what it really is is a "ANIME made for everybody".

Ha ha ha...

That was hilarious! I used to watch that show, but it got a little boring. The only cartoon I "care" about watching is Shaman King. (As you can probably tell since me thingy is ninja"shaman".

I generally bash something like this

But some parts of it made me chuckle, due to the fact that I know the show does tend to get dramatically stupid.

So, I must congradulate you. You were able to insult anime with a REASON, though the title could have been slightly different... and by different I mean less moronic.

Hahahah, good stuff

That was great man. In the beginning, you should have had a preloader though. It was also too fast and it needed subtitles. Now for the compliments. That was fucking funny man. Loved it. Dam that yu-gi-oh crap. Yeah, that was exagerrated but that's what made it funny. Pictures were great too... ''shut up you asshole, i didn't ask for ur fucking opinion, u with ur yellow hair.'' LMaaaoo!!!!! Good job!!!

so fuckin funny

Dude that was great, my little couzin watches it and thats exactly how it is! That was great!