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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"


Who the fck doesn't like Yu-gi-oh god don't make flashes like this just to trash something because that like being racist to people who like yu-gi-oh

First of all...

Yu -gi-oh! is the best anime in the world and you could at least have given yu-gi-oh! a chance before you do this kind of movies.You don't even now how to play and 99% of those who hate Yu-gi-oh! are so retarded they can't understand the rules in the game and other people are just plain assholes that hates things for no reason and plays stupid stupid games like duelmasters or magic the gathering or something like that.And that book thing is used too many times make something else up don't repeat it. this guy :XxPeanutxX hasn't watched it YEAAAAAHH i know he said he did but still and the voices are pretty much THE SAME ONES and everyone knows everything in Yu-gi-oh! isn't just: iknow you would do that thats why i had this card.And they don't destroy eachother to win they make the opponent lose their lifepoints if you have something to say write a pm don't respond I don't want to check every day for some guy that hates something he saw in a store and decided to hate it watch Yu-gi-oh!GX on cartoonnetwork or something and THEN you can decide if you like it or not.
Anyway it was a little funny when Yugi told Joey to shut up and the ending SUCKED!HAHA!
PS:don't do this again because i will do this until you stop!hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!


so fkin funny!

dont get me wrong...

II agree with you completely, yu gi oh is the most retarded anime, no, most retarded show EVER made.(even more so than teletubbies!)
but this flash was nothing more than pictures and some wacky guys voice who probably does cocaine (;
but Im robably over rating it by giving it 3 stars...DEATH TO YU GI OH!

Very Amusing

That seemed to make me laugh everytime that yugi keeps coming up with "i knew you'd do something like that." This surely gives you an overall of scores, but just a opinion maybe you really should have sequels or episodes of these things, the more you make em the better your reputation should be.