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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"


i laughed so meny times and i have to say
i like yu-gi-oh
but its only a joke guyz jeez
ott about a lil thing

Good and bad

the good side- its a real cool flash that takes the rip out of yu-gi-oh and its hilariously funni aswell

The bad side- it may offend people as any people like yu-gi-oh i used to be a an off the card game but then i trhought ya know there just pieces of card and gave away my duel discs and cards to my lil brother lol :P

9/10 m8 well done!

dont be haters

Very nice, I think about the same questions too when I watch the show. It is subjected to opinions so I think it is perfectly okay for someone to make a flash to exaggerate on the repetitions and stupidities of certain part of the show.

Btw I am a yugioh judge and a regional champion, and i love the show, but seeing some twists on the show is part of my joy too. good work


Yugioh is sort of gay >_>
All the morals are repetitive and they act all retarded in it

eh,it could use some work

five fortrashing that game,zero for not explaining that after them basically killing eachother instead of a last stand they play a card game? wtf? I honestly say its really stupid and it rips off so many things before it.