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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

Read :D

'I liked this show... and i know the episodes the evil monster in kaiba's body is in.... its episode 12 ~13 i think :D i really love yugioh! and i liked this show alot too!


The funny thing is....i dont love yugioh and i loved this flash. THIS IS SO DRAN GOOOD! do more^^ and lets make a stop off all crappy series!

"i knew you do that, thats why ive hav this!"


The funny thing is....i love yugioh but i loved this flash. Dude you did a good job, and true it is 4kids that screwed up yugioh to planet suckage, and if you read the manga you would know that evil kaiba was originaly a puppet...oh dear i'm starting to sound like a geek. Anyway back to the entire reason i did this.....This was funny as funny could possibly be and this is coming from a yugioh FAN which means.....KEEP up the good work and please please pleaaaasseee do more stuf like this.
thats my two cents thank you.

It's so cheesy, it's funny!

And VERY VERY VERY VERY true. Even though 4Kids Entertainment is responsible for about 80% of why yugioh sucks, the show is still real lousy.

Well . . .

erm . . it wasnt that bad, and it did make me laugh a few times . . i suppose :S