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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

Don't listen

Don't listen to what anyone says, I love this. This is the first mock yugioh flash i saw on here, and it is still my favorite one of all time. The japanese version is much more favorable that the american edited one, but they both are really dumb in the duelist kingdom part. My favorite part is when Yami cusses out Jou. ^_~

Ps: ever watched this when you're drunk? You'll start crying with laughter.

Yeah, you're right...

If you hate YuGiOh, I suggest you check out "Yugi...oh". It's made by a guy named Roger Weide. It's a humorous flash cartoon that spoofs, parodies and generally mocks YuGiOh.

YuGiOh's story does suck. It's about a anime guy who can transform into... *gasp*... An evil version of himself, and he tries to solve all of the worlds problems by "fighting" people armed with a handful of cards with some fake monsters painted on them. It's a bit like Dragonball Z in that you expect a lot of action, but it turns out to be people sitting aropund and saying "Man... That's strong! OMG He's strong! She's very strong!".

As for your flash, I didn't appreciate the lack of animation. But I rather liked the voices and how they always said something along the lines of: "HAHAHAHAHA I knew you were going to do that, so I put down (insert name of monster/trap card here)".

I think it was pretty okay... Good one. We need more YuGiOh pisstakes on Newgrounds.


i piss in my pants every time i see that vidio!!!!

you understand nothing about this series

it seems to me that you've just watched a few episodes and made a poor judgement of what the series is actually all about because i dont think you understand just how good this series is, no matter what 4kids did to it.

watch the japanese version, read the manga, and play the card game, maybe then you'll think twice before insulting something you dont understand.


wtf?? fuck you asshole thats a fucking krappy movie!!!

go kill yourself fuck you!!!