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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

fuck you.

everyone who likes Yu-Gi-Oh, join the Yu-Gi-Oh Crew on the BBS Forums.

naz-1 responds:

This movie is supposed to make fun of yugioh, why are you saying I like it?

Yu-Gi-Oh may be bad....

But so is this.

The sound is rarely witty, the pictures are monotonous, and the movie goes on for 5 minutes longer than it should.

naz-1 responds:

Of course this is a bad movie. You didn't expect me to actually put effort into a movie that isn't serious did you? If you want movies with effort check out Swift Dragon 2 or Aurora 5.

It just shows how pethetic you are....

You suck, yugioh sucks, fuck you both.

Takes me back to my "DBZ in a Nutshell" days..

The problem that I have with Yu-Gi-Oh! is that it quickly gets monotonous and pointless....

...which was, ironically, the problem with this movie.

You should clip the boring, superfluous crap they say and keep the gold, because this was far too long. I got a phone call in the middle of it and I couldn't even pause the movie, so I had to watch it over again. Add a preloader, some buttons to play and pause, and trim its length. I respect what you had to say -- because Yu-Gi-Oh! sucks terminally -- but you kind of beat your audience over the head with your message, which was, essentially, that Yu-Gi-Oh! is a bottomless waste of time. That is a message that needs to be said IN a movie, my friend--not WITH it.

naz-1 responds:

I was trying to make it sound close to the series but exaggerate it slightly to show how ridiculous everything is in this series.