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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"


This was pretty funny man. Yugioh DOES suck

U ripped this from the net

Give audio credit u faggot. And this aint' flash, it's just a crapped ass slide show of pictures that ud didn't make, and just repeat over and over

naz-1 responds:

Give audio credit? To who? Myself? I didn't rip this from the net. What proof have you? None. It is flash, otherwise it wouldn't of been made in Macromedia Flash MX would it? It's not a slide show, they don't slide at all.


First of all, Yu-Gi-Oh! rules!! Second of all ya fuckin' homo, this movie is so retarded, ur comments are "This is a flash showing how pathetic the anime series "YUGIOH!" is." Well the comments should be "This is a flash showing how pathetic my flash movie's are".... So go to hell ya fucking queer bait!!

dear gods......


and not because the Anime isn't any good, but because all you did was flip between a few scenes of the cartoon!

no sound, no interactivity...I couldn't even watch it all the way through

naz-1 responds:

No sound? I'm pretty sure I recorded my voice and put it into flash. Try the following:
- Turn on your speakers
- Listen
- Turn up your hearing aid


I laughed my ass off when he started making fun of that guy with the yellow hair. I hate yu gi oh!