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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

dang it

shit...this made me laugh my ass off...*cough* i couldnt catch my foukin breath while laughing,lol. I wouldnt have given this a 8 if it wouldnt have,cuz everything else sucked,but thats not the point,the point is that u made me laugh 4 15 minutes and almost killed me...ok thx 4 the laughs man...great parody. reminds me of DBZ in a nutshell


Oh my fucking GOD! that was hilarious! i can't believe you spent that much time saying absolutely nothing! god damn... that was great.


its too funny and stupid at the same timeeee

I will play this card in crap mode.

Wow, I was expecting something like this to happen, and it's so true!

For some reason it really reminds me of Dragonball Z in a nutshell, the voices sound almost the same, and just the way it's done.

Great Flash!

i am Yugi! and i know everything!

i knew you would do that, so i activate my card, PENIS GUY VOTES 5!

oh no! what does that card do?

my card gives this entry a 5, raising its score to 2.33!

oh no! now i'll never be able to blam it!

haha, i knew you were going to say that, so i'm going to say you can't blam a protected movie!

oh no! hey, wait...i can't blam? what about your card?

fuck it.

naz-1 responds:

LOL least someone understands what yugioh is like