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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

This ain't that good.

I mean this would be better if it was like the flash animation: "DBZ told in 30 seconds" (or something like that), but ultimately, this is just a bunch images from the show with hard to hear words in the background. Yu-Gi-Oh is so mockable, but this just doesn't mock it in a manner worthy of it.

americans complain and tamper with everything

Dudes, you know why alot of animes dont make it to america. cause you guys complain to much. Yugioh is like dragon ball z, they were both tampered with, making it terrible. The mood of both animes where changed so bad, its kinda takes the feeling outta it. U no in yugioh, shadow games is really hell games. When yugi and the others were in that digital game, and they fought the dragons, they died, which is why yugi and kaiba cryed. i rather see some fancy, enthusiastic card battle the 2 people just playing cards not talking and showing no feeling. like when you play uno. jiyasa, im dissapointed you made this. you have more skills then this. why did you waste them making this. not to mention the animation on yugioh has gotten so good and beautiful. you artist and flash animators should no what im talking about. dont you ever say, wow, thats so fluent or i can do that with flash. maybe its just me. ive seen so many animes like mahoramatic and naruto and i bet they wont come to america. cause the japanese i think realize that the americans are ruining their lifes work. why send something to another country only to have it fiddled with. which is why the only New anime right now on cartoon network is inuyasha. everything else is old, well i think cowboy bebop is new but i look it up. oh yea and jiyasa, your movie was good but dont get ahead of yourself ok. you stand no chance against yugiohs graphics and story. sorry to say that but i read a review you made and had to respond.

naz-1 responds:

ok, yes the drawings on yugioh are superb aren't they, with the huge eyes and yellow and black and red hair? c'mon.


I understand where your coming from. And yes you did steal this. Why where there be a Wb sign in your still pictures. It's so damn obvious. You just use the same pictures over and over again with that voice that sounds like a chipmunk on helium. And dammit it was boring. using the same pictures,voice, and your skit was to long and boring there's really no point in watching this. If you are a Yu-Gi-Oh fan like I am stay the hell away from this!!!

naz-1 responds:

So just because the pictures were captured from warner brothers channel it means that I did not make the voices or the flash animation? Ok then.


Yugioh sucks. It was funny but you could have done so much more and made fun of its actual flaws.

ha ha ha lmfao!

why arent you saving me?
because i don't care about you!
i hate that shit, thank you.
thank you very much. i hope people will watch this and stop watching it.
and now since i knew you'd say that
i activate
fuck you.
this is the way.