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Reviews for "YUGIOH SUX"

This didn't age well.

Only funny part was yellow hair


I like yu-gi-oh! and all, but dude. this is just damn funny x'D gz!


This is like a low quality version of LittleKuriboh's the Abridged Series.
It would be better if you actually took clips of the show rather than pictures- also, I'd try changing up the voices if I were you (rather than using the same voice for all characters).

Although, I do applaud your effort. Most Yu-Gi-Oh! parodies I see are just rips off of LK's. For your originality- kudos.

good times!

i remembered watching this flash with my brother,i actually laughed my ass off in the tree part very well,in other words,i still remember it as it is! :)

now will you excuse me,I'll go show this to my brother when he gets back!