Reviews for "Truely Splash Page"


This is pretty good it looks 3d thats awesome


Who gives a damn what the others say. That woman's fine.
Love your art brah.

ok here's what's wrong... :)

boobie proportion (right needs to be a tad smaller concidering the angle), the right eyes kinda lazy lol, pointy red nose (which when u put a pinky over she dont look too bad), n the walrus paw, otherwise its a good piece just needs some revision :)


If I seen a girl like that in real life, i'd go apeshit for her.

Thing I noticed though, her right hand seems a little bit screwed, like right inbetween her index and middle finger.

But I really wasn't paying attention to her hand :3


Only Thing I would change is lips (they dont look completly right bottom lip looks flat try for more fullness withough going extream I have noticed that the more expressive lips are very hard to draw ), the foreshortning in her left hand pointer finger (move the last notch up a bit with shading if that make sense), and lastly the left hand forshortning (plus add something under the hand as it is not resting on the same surface as the legs due to the height difference). I do like the picture a lot though areas include the shading, skin tone, and the way you painted the hair.