Reviews for "Cock Joke"

Nice job

You did a very good job with the colors but it doesn't look anything like your other artwork but it is still very good.

I also like how the chicken is just shitting while he is choking him. You also did a good job with the shading, it makes it look really good also it looks really clear probably because you used illustrator or something.

Although, they don't look like the real tankmen because it is kind of boxy but it is more original! I also like how the other tankmen is just up there with his tank laughing.

Here is the overall score:

Design 10/10
Originality 10/10
Catch Phrase 10/10
Colors 10/10
Effort 10/10

I bet you are so happy that you finally got a helpful review!

AlmightyHans responds:

i used flash. not illustrator

Cock joke!

This sums up Tankmen pretty well.


That SOO fits the TANKMEN series. Great job


nice job xD


Good choke.