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Reviews for "Dose"

=o I hope she's not alone....

I love the color shading, very gentle and warm. My eyes get drawn to the wall and calendar for some reason...

this looks beautiful. Everything isn't overly detailed, just right.

coby responds:

thanks for the feedback! she's got a lot of great people supporting her :)

i luv dis, bro... my gah...

coby responds:


Created an account to tell you I love this.

coby responds:

hahaha thanks! welcome to newgrounds brada!

Cool and relaxing atmosphere. I like your artstyle :D

Btw if it's a happy birthday is it your bday any chance?

coby responds:

appreciate the feedback, it's for my friend's birthday! you should check her out, she has cool art too @jirru

dood, this is amazing!! keep up the good work
this ir very relatable

coby responds:

thanks dood! (prinny voice)