Reviews for "FF8 - Force Your Way"


not sure if its just that I haven't played it in a bit but this sounds just like the original but with more bass and a few higher cords. still awesome though and respect for how clean it sounds,

*contented sigh* ...I love FF VIII. Epic job!

This song is notoriously difficult to remix. I have heard tons of versions by other authors who tried their hand at it. Aside from the original version by Nobuo Uematsu and your version here, they are all terrible.

You did a magnificent job with this piece. It maintains all the emotion and intensity of the original, but at the same time, the differences give it a unique character. In fact, many of your instrument choices, and your use of chords in a few places where the original song used single voices, actually corrected some subtle reservations I had about the original. It is actually a toss-up as to which version I like better now.


Love this theme