Reviews for "FF8 - Force Your Way"

great job

this is better then the games version... OHHHHHHH YAA!!!!!!!!!!!

sounds almost exactly the same :o

5/5 just because it's FFVIII


its like the original. but better! this is excellent!

Again, a little bit to similar

Good, but too similar. Nice added beat though. (Voted 4)

Auron59 responds:

uhh... ok!

Too similar.

Nicely replicated, but too well, I think. I prefer more originality in my Audio Portal submissions. The loop was a little jarring, not quite similar enough. 5/10.

Auron59 responds:

All I've been trying to do was giving it a little justice... I don't want to spoil it, Uematsu did a great job making it and I think it's good as it is! : )