Reviews for "FF8 - Force Your Way"

cooooooooooooooool sound

i have no words for this sound ill gave ya a 10 so
response me
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Auron59 responds:

Sounds like to much E-mail...


A nice memory. (haven't played since I was 7)

Anyways you did a goo job, but the ummmm hi hat kind of thing that plays really fast was sorta overpowering.

Auron59 responds:

It still needed editing


sooo better then the original

Nice remake

but the orginal is better^^

ff8 has the best music ever

Sweet Music ^.^

This is a pretty neat remix of the great FF8 boss theme. I won't say that FF8 is my favorite, but I love the music in that game though and this is one of my favorites out of all the FF8 music.

It's very upbeat and true to the original. Congrats, and it's nine stars from me. ^.^