Reviews for "Donnie the Silray Fox"

very good

did draw this?

Sephyfluff responds:

Yeah of course XD

This art....................

is amazing i like the the back round it adds a nice type of shadingand the detail on the tail


I`ve been watching through your submits lately and I want to say that your art is great! Favorited this one, shame it`s not your own creation (I mean the character itself), very well done though.
And here some suggestions:
Doesn`t it lack a moustache or something? Seems like a little too much of sponge tool used on a jacket, IMHO.
Keep it running!

Sephyfluff responds:

Thank you for your comment and critique! I appreciate it

Out of ideas?

Something tells me you are staying out of ideas for poses. But Don't worry, you have an excellent imagination and two awesome hands.

I bet my commission will be on the Front page of Ng Art ^-^

=^-^= Howz-Fox =^-^=


you stared awesome and getting awesomer!