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Reviews for "Eresse & SuperSoniker - Terror (Vortonox Remix)"

This song reminds me Teminite :)
This a really awesome song ! Why so low rates ?

P.s : cool logo ;)

Love it 💙💙💙💙💙
Good work!

Vortonox responds:

releasing it on yt rn

That's so epic! :D

In my opinion the growls should be louder and the drums should be heavier. Other then that, this song is pretty darn good!

Vortonox responds:

i forgot to add ott xd

This is a very nice song, but the transitions are a bit abrupt and the mix in some parts kind of overwhelm me. Also, in the part from 2:12 to 2:22, there is that ambient pad synth sound which gradually gets louder or noticable, but it kind of adulterates the mix. I really love the drops, they are really cool! Overall, the mix can be a bit better, but this is a very good song!

Vortonox responds:

thats one of the stems that eresse gave me