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Reviews for "Pizzaface"


Normaly im not that into sculptures. But i love how his skin looks like bacon even though it isnt. The tiny set of teeth are even more awsome as are the other small details (rips in the clothes, ect.) and ad this great level of personality to him making him more than just a measly doll.

You monster

you should be locked away


...yeah right.

turned grey?

thats odd. i've had my latex turn all sorts of colours but it always gets more vivid. was it painted? mine turns an odd shade of lobster-like pink when it's exposed to the sun for too long. nice tooth detail.

W-P-S responds:

to be quite honest, I don't know how the hell it happened ):
i kept it on my sister's room (who lives on her own now) and well.. i wasnt paying much attention to it and then it turned gray ):

Also it wasn't painted, all the red was done with markers
I have no possible clue how to paint that stuff, everytime i try it fucks up!

im a latex noob >,:

look man

here's your 10, just leave me and my family alone

W-P-S responds: