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Reviews for "Moon"

Dude.. This is amazing! Keep up the good work! I'm always listening to your music almost everyday. Thank you for making such amazing music that makes my day go by in a well relaxed way. God bless you and your music production! :)

Ruko29 responds:

That's so sweet thank you so much and keep enjoy my music!

I'd have tossed this under drum and bass instead of dance. Has that IDM vibe. I almost never go below 180 bpm but I'm guessing this is somewhere between 165 and 170? Sue me, I could be wrong :p

Those guitar sounding pads had an old school Minus The Bear sound to them. Loved those glitchy melodies. Fluid ambient break downs and pads. Loving it Ruko <3

Only constructive crit I can give you that there was plenty of room in the mix for random background samples. A mario coin or sonic ring with reverb comes to mind. People will avoid recognizable samples for fear of copyright retribution but if you have the project files you can always change those kinds of samples out for something less obvious. Mods will usually turn a blind eye to minor sampling, just be up front and responsible about it.

There's good sampling and bad sampling. Sampling is complicated. A friend of mine tried to pass off Aphex Twin's "Flim" with ambient noises tossed on top as his own. That's some BAD SAMPLING. Had he chose to make his own song first and then sprinkled tiny identifiable nosies on top? That's better sampling. Always be prepare to defend your work or change a file. I use to love Noisia's track "My World" before they had to change the vocals because they couldn't get the rights to use the Motown recordings. The version on their album "Split The Atom" never hit as hard, IMO.

Sorry to gush on sample use but it's such an integral part of what we do. I can't tell you how many times I've opened a sample folder and laughed because it was 90% amen breaks passed off as "pendulum" or "skrillex" drums. lmao.


Ruko29 responds:

Go ahead. Pls show me the level when it's finish! p.d: Sorry for my bad eng

Good one so dope and lofi fresh
Is often difficult in one song

Nice 3/4 Drum & Bass!

Ruko29 responds:

Thank you! <3