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Reviews for "Dex Lives-Jingle Ball Cat"

Another good one

Why did you stop submitting flash? They were both pretty good.

You are probably like me, too busy to do it!!!

I am trying to do an Austin Powers parody, but I am not sure when it will get done. It will be fairly short, but I think it will be amusing.

See ya on the flipside,



oh my god. I hate you. That was very lame. What's wrong with you? oh no. I could say the sounds were okay, but I hated that along with everything else. I'll give a ten, just to not seem like an ass, but holy crap was that bad. damn.

That was pretty good, especially for your first submition. Keep up the good work.

TimScheff responds:

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement, its greatly appreciated, they helped keep my faith up to do a second project with Flash.

Makes Ya Think...

...what happened to the cat?

TimScheff responds:

I like to think the threat alone of the jingly ball of doom is more than enough to deal with the cat. Thanks for the review.

so it was short

...but who cares. it was sorta good. deserves survival but in no shape or form will it go donw as a "great flash". The animation was unique and the voices sounded good so no problems on my side dude.

TimScheff responds:

Thanks for the positive comments. I really had very little idea what I was doing with this (given it was my first real attempt to do something beyond just playing around in Flash). Thanks for deeming it worthy of keeping it around, I had read doubts about it given first movies traditionally do worse.