Reviews for "{dj-N} The Beginning of Time"


I made a newgrounds account just to vote for this I love this and all you somgs you have earned the title of "Awesom-itude"... put more out when you can

your like so epic

wow you rock, so much power!

Awesomeness and Soothing combined

After going over a ton of other submissions, I came back to your song and realized that it was by far my favorite song.

I really like how you don't over use the bass, and keep the song changing but still have the main theme blended in the mix rather than keeping every theme the same.

Amazing job, keep up the great work.

Good song it's awesome keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome I love fast song's!!!

Awesome mate.

That is come amzing stuff you got there, but i can only see one flaw...

The stop at bout 0:20-0:21 i didnt quite get it.