Reviews for "{dj-N} The Beginning of Time"

I love it!!!!!!!

I liked this music from a 1 year ago!

Such a mindblowing masterpiece.... :D

no u

0:00-0:11: 10/10: Nice, drawing, intro. The piano there is awesome.
0:12-0:22: 9/10: Like this part. Don't quite get it though.
0:23-0:35: 10/10: This part almost sounds like rewinding. Love it.
0:36-0:58: 8/10: The mix doesn't quite work out in the beginning, but it comes together well in the end.
0:59-1:09: 10/10: Nice. Try taking the melody out for a bit. Works well.
1:10-1:16: 10/10: Cool, back to the beginning.
1:17-1:27: 10/10: Love the wobbly rhythm.
1:28-1:50: 7/10: Again, the mix doesn't fit in, but other than that I like this part.
1:51-2:07: 10/10: I love slight melody changes like this.
2:08-2:30: 10/10: I like how you just play some notes and then add the full melody over it.
2:31-2:45: 9/10: Love this part, but is a kind of abrupt ending.