Reviews for "Mario's Game Over"


Tha was freakin awesome man! That was one of the best movie's I have ever seen. But I was expecting some other charactor besides toad to get rrid of the bodys. Like..... Koopa troop. But it was good anyway.

Pretty Good!

I like how toad always comes to get rid of the corpes's. Very nice Mario meteorite effect, bowser dressing as the princess, and the mountain of dead bodies at the end.

This movie had to be made!

wow, WOW,WOOOOOOW!!!!!!!!!!, wow this was so good and was so true (how are you going to breath underwater or hit a box so hard a mushroom pops out ). You get a 5 for this! :)

that was....

Awsome! that was so funny when toad kept cleaning the bodies up! lol keep up the good work..


This was a class flash. I liked how Toad kept cleaning the bodies that was hilarious.