Reviews for "Mario's Game Over"

was that dancing popcorn? (terrible spekin term)

very good, i liked it....and i cant think of anything else to say but this story 'a man went outside and saw his car was missing,he said "oh dear" so he bought a new car,the next day it was stolen again,he said..."oh dear !"so he bought a new car,a cadelack. (excuse the spelling, u no pimps car) the next day,his ride was still there with a pimpin gimp and some chicks init, so the the pimp said "this is now my ride" the man said "oh dear" he walked in to the house and got out a walking stick and pleaded(ish)"please dont take my car,i need it,im a feeble old fogey" the pimp said "hell no BI4TCH!!!"so the man went...."oh dear oh dear oh dear"so he lifted up his cane,pressed the little red button under the eagle head, and shot the pimp! now the moral is...there is, no moral...i mearly wasted 2 minutes of your lifetime,i'd say tell this to ppl one day and do the same so u get your own back,but the story is so terrible its probably gonna be in the turd of the week forum,or the underdog! thank you ppl who acknowledge the last of my words,and i bid u, a do.

Funny ending......

I didn't really like any besides the ending. Many jokes were stolen or maybe overused though. The one when Mario goes into space was funny. The blood effects were perfect but toad didn't have any other movements. The song kept looping which was annoying. You could have changed the song a little more often. Overall 7.

It's-a me mari-- oh-a god the pain-a!

This is probably the best mario parody I've seen so far!

Mario Sprite Reviewer

Great one, Everything looks like it belongs there and nothing was drawn in. Try making a second one.

Awesome ^_^

brilliant cartoon, really funny and being a Mario-lover myself made it all the better. I vote 5 and reccomended to Mario collection.