Reviews for "Mario's Game Over"

Very well done.

I was wondering when the next good mario movie woudl be :)
But wheres the game over music at the end? A mario staple, my friend.

GAME OVER Player 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, [on and on]

This is quality work, man. Especially when the corpses carry Mario in.

This is rare... a 10 from me

This flash move is VERY well done, Chock-Full O' Humor (I had to... sorry), and the last scene killed me.

+VERY well done effects that stayed VERY true to the pixellated graphics found in SMB.
+Very humorous ways to end Mario's life (again, all the corpses from previous attempts at the end was hilarious).
+Nearly-faithful music and dead-on sound effects.

-Nobody ever seems to get the Mario music looped exactly right, and I tend to wanna pin the blame on (what appears to be) flash's inability to set loop points in specific wav files.
-VERY minor graphical glitches (like a line where the underground bricks don't line up exacxtly, sometimes Mario sinks into the floor just a little bit, etc.)

Overall, I would have given you a 9.8, but I have to chop off the decimal to fit it within NG's system (please note: I VERY RARELY give out a 10 in ANYTHING that falls short of perfection, so feel flattered you got one in Style).

Very good work, and I wait anxiously for part 2.


This has to be the best well thought Mario sprite movie ever. I haven't seen a sprite movie that kept so close to the true aspects of the game and be really funny at the same time. I loved the flag pole part, and when the hat stayed on top i just couldn't stop laughing. So many things in this movie made me laugh. This movie is going on the top of my Favorites. Awsome job dude, keep them coming.


Loved it. Haven't laughed that hard in ages!