Reviews for "Mario's Game Over"

What can I say, it made me laugh.

Very good SMB parody. Very funny stuff. It was so good, I submitted an icon for this submission. Great stuff! Keep it up!

Some of your flicks have been done before

For Example:
1. Mario Jumping into the block and dying
2. Mario jumping onto the flag pole and dying

On the other hand, many of your other ways were very good especially towards the end of your movie.

How many lives can you waste?

First of all, I can tell yore a mario hateing bastard, but I still found this funny. It showed some of the stuff I joked about and wonderd when I was little, like how can he breath so long in water or what if a parana plant ate him while going down a tube or how can blocks flout in the air. Even the firework seen reminded me of the times me and my sisters said it was the end of the world! But yore still a Mario Hateing bastard!

dave2 responds:

What are you talking about man? I love mario! Why else would I spend so much time making a parody about the greatest game of 1985?

you rock man

The only problem is at the end. all the mario zombies were cool butyou could of scared the PANTS OFF ME!!!!!!!!!!!

This was good.

See? When you are original (really) than it pays off. However I did see some resemblances to some of these deaths and some VGDC and other sprite movies... Did any of those inspire you? I liked the ending.