Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

outstanding work

ha man this is you of best songs i'v herd in my life

p.s my bruther is working with a perdoser and if you wont i can show him your work :) right me if so


Deep Stuff ...


Can you tell me what chords you use? i bet you used G what else?...

wow, quite amazing.

for a song to have been submitted on newgrounds, this has some pretty amazing lyrical music.
it has been added to my ever-growing list of songs to eventually animate something to... I just have to get around to getting home to my tablet.
My precious tablet...

Problem with this song is I think it'd be hard to animate to, and would require some real work and extra effort to make something of it... we'll see in the future.

But I think it's a great song with some angsty emotion in there, with well done lyrics and, though simple, great guitar.


This was an unexpected surprise, appreciate you putting this up.

Gunshy responds:

no prob. thanks for the 10

(...hmmm, btw: put this up in october of '07... where u been? lol)