Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

loved it

it was totally awsome ill rate this five

amen for the grunge revival

one of my favorite grunge artists. keep up the good work

My viewpoint.

Personally as a writer. You killed majority of my poetry. Which I awe/hate and respect you for. Also with 4 chords, i felt that you did good. Your message, I think i got it, and of course I'm with you. It is the same fucking thing, but I'm glad you got it at the end :P finally.
write more, and never stop. let the creative loose and don't let those lovers get you down :P


Warning, educated review

I'm not into this kind of music, and i can't help but notice that you're trying to say something about this kind of music. Mainly that they are all the same fucking thing. Back on topic with this song, I admit, I liked it. Which is why I have took the time to write this thought out review. Keep up the good work.

you are awsome!!1!!1

dude i hope you get picked up a record company