Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

you rock man

this is the shit, end of story. i'm a big fan of repeating chords, especially cause i'm learning to play the guitar right now and thats all i can do right now. i really appreciate chords and i think complicated changing notes is unnecessary. love it simple, love the chords, just love this song so much. 5/5 man, keep rocking.

10/10 im a grunger

if you dont mind me asking, what are the four chords so i can learn to play your song and show it to friends and family. i wont take credit for your work

Great Job, but...

Great lyrics and execution, however I feel that the guitar overpowers the vocals at times.

Anyway great job.


I love this, I am in complete awe of how you made the 4 chord loop not feel repetitive. You deserver major props for that one man, keep it up ;)

5/5 10/10

SwEeTnEsS iS wHaT i HeAr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, i love it! good guitar lyrics even though its the same cords over and over, gotta love the vocals! Keep up the good work!