Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

Beautiful Song

I love this! The lyrics are really good, and you play guitar with a lot of emotion. You also have a great voice. This song's a great reminder that there is still some really soulful music out there. Nice Job!
Btw, this might sound like a stupid question, but what four chords ARE you playing?


This was an unexpected surprise, appreciate you putting this up.

Gunshy responds:

no prob. thanks for the 10

(...hmmm, btw: put this up in october of '07... where u been? lol)

Things like these should be easier to find

Great songs like these shouldn't be that hard to find D:
Last verse was totally epic


"but it's hard to walk with two broken legs
and still maintain a smile"

By far one of the best I've hear in awhile, reminds me of many misfortunes in my life...

We learn from them and try to change what we did the last time am I right?

Gunshy responds:

..lol and then trip and fall on that same still-broken leg!

Gotta love the cretins...

The cretins like Pacter below me amuse me. Just because they don't understand Grunge, doesn't mean they shouldn't stick to their shit while we get stoned on music behind their backs...
Anyway, back to topic. This is a brilliant song. I just can't stop listening to it. How you are one of the top Grunge artists on Newgrounds speaks for itself. The song has more meaning than most music today. Grunge and Prog. Metal are the only essentially meaningful genres around today. This is going on my favourites. Make more of this, please.

Gunshy responds:

thanks. i don't know why he hated the song so much, hoping to have an answer to that particular question... but either way, whatever. thanks. thanks, and more thanks.