Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

It makes me feel sexy.

It does, but I wanna throw a couple ideas at you. You said you like this version better and yeah me too and like everyone else. I really think this sounds better acoustic and If you have to, I'd say keep it acoustic or atleast do some of it acoustic so then you're like awuh.. Then you punch him in the face with distortion. Maybe a solo..? I dunno. You're the musical genius here.

Batman Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy!

Gunshy responds:

you must be an artist :) lol

the eventual forthcoming 3rd version of this song will be a little closer to the acoustic version - basically the best aspects of this and the now-retired 'plugged' version. quiet guitars will be acoustic (maybe even pull the same guitar i used here out of retirement?), choruses will be distorted electrics (layered, as opposed to the single one used in version 2). a little spanish-type soloing, and then the same strums in the beginning, then bam! distortion! i'll still employ the quick quiet/loud and stop/start tricks as heard in the second version but hopefully a little cleaner and better recorded.
my intent with what your hearing here was to capture the 'live feel' and just have a demo of the song. the 2nd version was supposed to be just a heavy version of this, but it turned into something a little bigger than i'd planned. version 3 (with a solo and also vocal harmonies) is really intended (in my mind, so far) to be the definitive version of the song. wish me luck.
and as always, thanks for the support.

Very nice!

I like this a lot. Very well done.
Reminds me of Seether a lot.

Good job. :]

I like this

You could have thrown in a drum track, but this is really great, and most people don't realize its mostly because of the vocals, the guitar part alone wouldn't be too good, as with the vocals, but the way you combined them is great.

your such a good artist

keep up the good work

Gunshy responds:

i've been brainstorming about a version 3 for this song. the best parts of both versions, this and the plugged one i took down a few wks ago or something... i still go back to this version of it myself.
so i'm brainstorming, and playing it over and again...


could be a little longer but otherwise great song