Reviews for "Four Fucking Chords"

good song but...

You sound like a whining old bitch.

And if you can't write a song that ISN'T focused on the word "fuck" then you shouldn't do it all..

Gunshy responds:

thanks for the review
but it's you that's focoused on the word fuck
i'm more focused on the verses


Aside from feeling like you should add a little more umph to "its the same old fuking thing" the song is really good, love your voice and the lyrics.
Keep it up mate! Rock on! (totally DL'ing this song)


But when i was listening to, "Its just the same old fucking thing...", i felt like it could have alot more feeling into it, but the lyrics where amazing, and your voice is great. Get a band, your voice would suit my iPod.


Meaningful lyrics seem to be lacking in most music, but these are great!

Gunshy responds:

i agree. if i can't find something meaningful to say, i don't say it! :)
thanks for the 10


i love this song, the lyrics kind of remind me of some of the older songs by bush, and i know its been said already, but the guitar reminds me alot of seether. Ive been trying to figure out how to play this on my guitar, but i cant get it quite right. Are you tuned a half step down or something? All the chords i try are close, but not quite right. It would be awesome if you could help me out on this. Anyway awesome song, these lyrics are definetly much more heartfelt than most songs you hear anymore.

Gunshy responds:

fuck bush
i think the guitar is a half step down, or thereabouts - i don't think it's actually in true tune, so caveat emptor i guess
usually i'm a full step down
Am-C-G-Fm7 (notwithstanding the tunedown)