Reviews for "[StarFox Corneria] -Zero-"

i like alot

may i use this in a non flash game
possibly a fighting stage i was thinking all ff7 chars but if this is added i will oddly add star fox and make it like the ssb series

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

no prob. thats what its here for. just let me know when its done ;)

glad you liked it.




There was a point when I thought I was the only one that liked the Star Fox sound track. This was freaken sweet! Loved every second of it.

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

Nope ur not alone lol. Starfox had an amazing soundtrack and i loved it as well and it seems many others do to.

If you love the starfox soundtrack the check out my Titania Remix.

thanx for the review!



Amazing, I love this song (was glad to hear its in the upcoming Wii game Super Smash Brothers Brawl)...

X-Infinity-Zero responds:

did u mean the song is in super smash or just starfox in general?

hell if i heard this in super smash i would freakin die of pure shock lol.

Thanks for the review.



Dude... You're a god to me. Please let me bow down to you and kiss your feet... This is byfar the BEST techno and/or the best video game song I've ever heard on Newgrounds! I love it man! 5/5 10/10!

Amazing, what more can I say?

This is by fay the best remix of Corneria I have ever heard, Amazing work, I love what you added to it. I have been working on one myself, This has really inspired me.